In 1977 I started a mail-order company named “Jewish Mail Order Service,” based in Copenhagen. The main areas of offerings were Jewish music and art work on fine china. Jewish designers from Europe, South Africa, the U.S.A. and Canada contributed their artwork to a line of year mugs, which were produced one every year from 1978 to 1988. It was very interesting to stay in contact with these many artists. Over the years I worked on a project to acquire artwork for a “Jewish Art Calendar” from Denmark. After buying many original works of art I ran out of money and the “Jewish Art Calendar” was never printed.

The Jewish Mail Order Service became Gerschwald Products. I launched a small company in the United States named Gerschwald Products, Inc. with stores in New York and the administrative office in Los Angeles. Over the years invitations came in to exhibit in various states, including New York, Kansas and Maryland. I visited those states with several Jewish works of art from Denmark and had some very nice art shows.

After close to fifteen years of operation, the company closed. Most of the art remains stored in Denmark. In 2008 came the idea to offer some of the fine art prints for sale through the Internet.